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We all want to look and feel our best. This is not just to attract the opposite sex, but for our own selves as well. And the image of glamour that we visualise for ourselves is to have a firm and sexy six pack that will make us feel confident and good about ourselves.


Is it possible for the average person to be able to achieve such a goal of losing enough body fat in order to show off a six pack? Well Mike Geary, the creator of “The Truth About Abs” believes so. With his system, anyone with the desire and will power can discover what is lying there beneath the layers of fat and reveal for themselves what’s lying under “there”.



What Is Truth About Abs?

Buy Truth About AbsTruth About Abs is a nutritional eating plan and workout routine for both men AND women looking to lose that extra weight around their midsection that hides the six pack underneath.In saying this, it is not just about revealing the abs or doing just ab exercises. It is a total body work out and a complete nutrition plan of what foods to eat and when.  It also talks about foods that are considered healthy by many experts, but are in fact sabotaging your efforts to lose abdominal fat.


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Stomach exercises will do nothing to remove the layers of flab away from the six pack that lies underneath. These exercises don’t do enough to burn the fat that hides them underneath. This is why the work out routines in the truth about abs program are based on more than just sit ups and ab exercises. It is an entire body workout.

The exercises in the program give you the option of doing them at home, or at the gym. If you are doing the workouts at home, it is recommended to buy a few small weights to help you achieve even better results. If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, you start with the beginner level and progress as your fitness and confidence grows. Those that are more experienced can start at the intermediate or more advanced level. This is what makes the Truth About Abs program so beneficial and gets results for anyone, no matter what condition they are currently in.



Does Truth About Abs Work?

The Truth About Abs has been rated as the number 1 Abs Program on the Internet by and has over 539,000 readers in 163 countries.  Some of those who bought Truth About Abs and used it sent in testimonials to Mike Geary.

Here is the link some of the many testimonials! Check out the testimonials at the Truth About Abs Official Site for yourself. The pictures that accompany the testimonials are the amazing transformations that these individuals have made by using the program.



What Are The Unique Benefits You Can Expect When You Buy Truth About Abs

  • Can be used by men AND women.
  • Program can be followed by anyone, regardless of your current fitness level.
  • Contains beginner and advanced levels of training to allow you to progress when you are ready.
  • Can be done at your own pace.
  • You learn how to eat healthy foods and at the right times to promote gains in lean muscle while burning the most fat.
  • You learn what foods to avoid, even the one’s some experts claim are healthy.
  • No need for expensive and ineffective pills and supplements.
  • The workouts are flexible enough to be done at home or at the gym
  • The workout allow the flexibility of using weights or just body weight.
  • No need for extreme workouts. You work at a pace that best suits you and your current fitness level and work your way up.


What To Be Aware Of Before You Buy Truth About Abs


Here are some points to be aware of before you buy Truth About Abs:

  • As with any exercise or diet plan, seek medical advice before commencing if you have health issues that could cause concern.
  • While the Truth About Abs Program gets results, it comes down the the motivation of the individual to follow through on what they learn in the program. The program can’t guarantee results if no effort is made.
  • People 15 years and younger (and I’d personally say maybe up to 18 years) shouldn’t get into the extreme weight training of the intermediate and advanced sections as they have not fully developed their muscles yet and stunted growth can occur. I personally have seen this with one of my high school friends and it stunted the growth of his arms. You can still do the body weight exercises which are a safer alternative to get you the results you are after.
  •  Personally, I feel the Program is lacking in the area of developing the right mindset and motivation. I’m not saying that the book is not inspiring or not motivational. I just feel a section could of been added to the book to help people set goals for their fitness and the mindset needed to achieve them. To achieve any goal in life take the right mindset more than anything else.The book works off the premise that you already know what you want to achieve and have the mindset to do it. It just gives you the strategy to follow. And following the CORRECT strategy for success is crucial. The advice on the nutritional and exercise requirements is in depth and easy to understand.



Some Other Question You Might Have Before You Buy Truth About Abs


Is The Truth About Abs for Building Muscle or Burning Fat?

The concepts taught in the program apply to both, but when Mike Geary developed the program, his goal for the program was to address the main problem that most people couldn’t see their abs due to stomach fat.

Are the exercises and workouts only to do with the abdominals?

No. The workout routines are designed to work the whole body. Just doing abdominal exercises only tones the stomach muscles, but does nothing to remove the fat that covers them. It is a full body workout routine, so you won’t have to add this program to another one in order to get a complete workout.

Is there any cardio involved?

While there is cardio training involved, it is not the kind that leaves you on a treadmill or exercise bike for hours. It utilises what is called interval training to get you the maximum results for your cardio efforts, in the shortest duration per session possible.

Is the program for both male and female?

Yes. The differences for each are explained in the program and mainly have to do with females requiring less calories than males.

Am I too old, too overweight or too out of condition?

This is why Mike has developed the program as a progression. You start at the beginner if you need to and work your way through at your own pace. The nutrition strategies can be used by anyone of any age, from teens to grandparents.

Do I need to join a gym?

It’s up to you, but it is advise to purchase some minimum equipment to use at home. Using just body weight exercises is effective, but you’ll want to step it up when you’re ready. I personally advise that if you are unsure, give the body weight exercises a go, and if you want to turn it up, look on ebay for some of the equipment that Mike recommends in the book.

Will I need to buy expensive supplements, powders or diet pills?

No. Most are a complete waste of money anyway. The only exception to this are protein powders and some healthy oil capsules such as fish oil and flax seed oil.

Is it suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, though you’ll have to be sure to include enough protein as well as other specific nutrients typically lacking in a vegetarian diet.

How much time do the workouts take and how often?

20-50 minutes/day @ 3-4 times a week. It depends on which options you follow that determines how long your workouts are.


What Do You Get When You Buy Truth About Abs


PLEASE NOTE: What I’ve listed below as included in the Truth About Abs Program was correct at time of writing this post. Please double check for yourself at the official site in case of any changes since.

  • Truth About Abs Ebook (which you can download instantly once payment is confirmed)
  • These 3 Bonuses:
    – DVD: 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss
    – Membership Site Access & Support  (where you can chat live with World Famous Trainer Kim Lyons from The Biggest Loser).
    – 4 Free Motivational Fast Fitness Audios


Where To Buy Truth About Abs


The only place you can buy Truth About Abs is from the Official Site for a ONE TIME price of $39.95 US. But you can buy Truth About Abs on a trial basis at a price of $4.95 US for the first 21 days. Here are the details.

Place of Purchase: Truth About Abs Official Site

Price: Trial price for 21 days of $4.95 US (then you will be billed the remaining $35 US after the 21 days) OR pay the $39.95 US up front.

Payment Methods: Credit Card, Paypal.

Guarantee: 60 Days 100% Money Back


Final Verdict

When I decided to buy Truth About Abs back in 2008, it was the first real guide I had to working out. I didn’t get the six pack and this was only due to my own lack of effort. It had nothing to do with the program. In saying that, it was educational for me and it was probably the closest I ever have come to a six pack in my life.


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I also learnt a lot about nutrition form Mike and about what foods to avoid in order to live a healthy lifestyle. I also learnt how to do the exercises safely and how to exercise more effectively and efficiently. I still eat pretty healthy and know what is good and what to avoid thanks to Mike. I have been on Mike Geary’s mailing list since this time and still occasionally read the emails he sends me when the topic is of interest to me. I find Mike to be very passionate about what he does and very knowledgeable as well.

If you’re more committed than me, then this is definitely a program I recommend trying out. Getting a number one rating for an “abs” program online is not easy. I’m sure you are aware that there are a lot of fitness and weight loss programs out there. And also having 539,000 reader in 163 countries (to date) speaks volumes of the program. And to top it off, Mike not only offer a trial price, but also a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee which tells me he stands behind his program!  So you really have nothing to lose except abdominal fat!


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